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Well, why don't you do something about it...

In March of 2010 I decided to take a trip to New York to visit the place where some of my favorite past and present television programming was created; The world famous "30 Rock".  Home base for GE, NBC, Cabletown &The Sheinhardt Wig Company.  I reserved tickets for the page guided tour months in advance.   My excitement to visit the television station that was so influential to much of my childhood was borderline schizophrenic.  After a wonderful tour, my enthusiasm was directed towards the NBC gift shop, where I saw all types of nostalgic merchandise from television sitcoms including; “Saved by the Bell” & “Knight Rider”.  Seeing the t-shirts from memory lane prompted me to look for items from 2 shows that helped to create the person I am today; “The Cosby Show” & “A Different World”. 
I never knew what an HBCU was before “A Different World”, but that show’s positive influence was enough to make me choose one for my college education.  So, there could not be a better way to pay homage to the fictional institution than to wear a t-shirt bearing its name.  I searched through the entire store for an hour looking for anything from either of the 2 groundbreaking shows.  I could not find any merchandise, so I asked an employee for help finding these items, and he reacted with a very cynical scowl before telling me- “We don’t carry that stuff'”.  I was beyond pissed, and decided to do something because I feel like “we” matter, and deserve to be represented. --- And that is how we are here…---… It’s bigger than just a TV show….
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